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Site Design

Most of the subdomains here are written in XML that is precompiled as XHTML via a series of XSLT 2.0 stylesheets—generally speaking, a page-level stylesheet, a subdomain-level stylesheet, and a domain-level stylesheet, each importing the next—and then displayed using CSS stylesheets. The XSLT also produces RSS/Atom for Wet Hero. meta:, on the other hand, runs entirely off of a two-line .htaccess file and a CGI script written in Python. For the record, I wrote all of the foregoing myself; there are no prefabricated elements included in them.

This site is white—well, 90% white (#E5E5E5)—on black. Deal with it. (Besides, it's easier on your eyes.) It's also very utilitarian. This site is about content, not looking pretty. Additionally, there are a variety of display issues that stem from a lack of support for specific CSS codes, conflicting interpretations of the CSS standard, and outright bugs in various broswers. (IE is not the only culprit!) Best viewed on my own computer.

Oh, and the page-level metadata is all Dublin Core's DCMI Metadata Terms.