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Hello and welcome! This is the central hub connecting a number of works and projects by myself, M. Alan Thomas II, sometimes known by the nom de web "the CrazyDreamer". Some projects are active and ongoing, but others are indefinitely suspended, dead, or archival.


Anime Library and Information Science

Information that I have collected and research that I have done that may be useful to librarians dealing with and library scientists researching anime. The content will be updated whenever I have something to put there.

Critical Mass

making webfiction explode

Critical articles, editorials, and reviews of webfiction, which may or may not be the same thing as blooks. Indefinitely suspended and awaiting redesign.



A namespace containing clones of other namespaces; just add another namespace's URI onto the end of "". Fully automated.

Wet Hero

a first-draft fantasy webfiction

My own fantasy webfiction. Someday I'll get around to starting over, redoing the narrative framework, encoding the whole thing in TEI, and serializing it.

Crazy Dreams

the CrazyDreamer's Crazy Dreams

You're looking at it.


a miscellany

A collection of my standalone works. Mostly offline.